Is your PTA offering an Awards Program?

It’s easy as 6 steps to get YOUR PTA AWARDS program going!

STEP 1:  Start an Awards Committee!  (it only takes 2 to be a committee)

STEP 2:  Invite your school to nominate someone for each category!

STEP 3:  Have a meeting with your Awards Committee to select your winners for Golden Acorn, Outstanding Educator, Outstanding Advocate, or Outstanding Student Advocate.

STEP 4:  Email all of your Award Recipient name(s) along with which Award they will be receiving. (*we love to celebrate with you at the VCPTA Awards Night in June)

STEP 5:  Order your Local PTA Awards online from WSPTA in late February early May to have them in time for the Awards Gala.   (takes up to 3 weeks for delivery)

STEP 6:  Celebrate!  We’ve made it easy on you!  You can celebrate with your local school and also with the Vancouver Council!   The whole night is all done for you!  All you have to do is invite your award recipients and their families and present the awards!  We will take care of the decorations, the food, and the fun!


Congratulations to our 2020 Vancouver Council Award Recipients!

Golden Acorn:                     Leilani Cassanova, Kathy Decker, Kalyn Parmenter
Outstanding Educator:     Darby Meade
Outstanding Advocate:    Rene Sundby, Karina Knight

Congratulations to our 2019 Vancouver Council Award Recipients

Outstanding Educator: Bill Sixour, Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Outstanding Educator: Greg Joy, iTech Preparatory School

Outstanding Advocate: Tamara Shoup, Executive Director of School Support for the Familiy-Community Resource Centers (FCRC)

Outstanding Advocate: Stephanie Seley, Family Engagement Coordinator, Sacajawea Elementary School

Golden Acorn: Jennifer Wegerer, Vancouver Council PTA, TJMS PTSA

Golden Acorn: Michelle Weinmaster, Gaiser Middle School PTA

Golden Acorn: Shannon Stadey, Eisenhower Elementary School PTA




  Application Submissions for 2021 begin April 1st – May 1st

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