By joining a PTA, a member automatically becomes part of the  largest child-advocacy association in the state—132,000 strong across Washington.  PTA is a membership-driven association. People join PTA to show support for the work PTA does locally to benefit their child and community, and also to support the work PTA does collectively to help children, families and schools.  Every individual who joins PTA helps not only her or his own child, but every child. Imagine how strong a community could be if every parent, every teacher, staff member and administrator of a local school, and every community member and business leader got involved in PTA! ~WSPTA

CONGRATULATIONS:  Walnut Grove PTA & Marshal Elementary PTA for earning Platinum Level Membership Awards!

For list of all PTA/PTSAs in Region 3 earning awards: Membership is  REWARDING!

Washington State PTA recognizes outstanding membership recruiting
to encourage membership enrollment early and throughout the year.  

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